Winning Streak Continues for JCU Coed Volleyball Team

After winning two games in a row, the third victory also arrived last night for our Coed Volleyball team who won on their opponents’ home turf.

JCU defeated 0-3 SG Volley (SGV) [20-25; 28-26; 16-25] as a clear proof of their outstanding improvements both on a technical and teamowork level.

“I think this is the first time that we are able to conquer such a decisive victory over our opponents,” coach Papari pointed out. “We played an excellent game, and we definitely earned the victory.”

JCU immediately put SGV in a difficult situation in the first set. The opposing team tried to cling to our Gladiators, but JCU didn’t go wrong and won 20-25.

MVP of the game – Megan Gundrum #14
April 11, 2019

In the second set, SGV reacted and gained the advantage, but JCU didn’t blink for a second. Our Gladiators remained focus, and on the partial result of 19-15 for their rival, they overturned the result and took home the second set by winning 26-28.

The third set saw a complete breakdown from SGV. The opponents were not able to stop and counterattack the moves of our Gladiators who earned 10 points straight away and did not let SGV score any points. The third set closed 16-25 for our Gladiators who can finally celebrate their winning streak.

“I want to congratulate with all of our players because they all did a gret job,” Papari continued. “The team struggled and suffered a lot these past few months to find some good win, but we worked hard, and we finally had the chance to get our personal satisfaction on the field.”

Congratulations, Gladiators! Hard work and commitment always pay off on the long run, and you represent the best example right now!

“They all deserved the MVP for how they played tonight, but since I have to choose one, I would like to give it to Megan because she was almost flawless on the field,” Papari concluded.

MVP – Megan Gundrum