Two Victories: Gladiators End the Season with a Bang

The John Cabot University Gladiators have done it again! The men’s basketball and 5vs5 soccer teams have won the final games of the University of Rome Championships – Europa League, adding more trophies to the already full JCU trophy cabinet.

JCU Cheerleading performing in the Basketball Final Game: JCU vs AUR

The futsal final against Europea di Roma University on Saturday, April 15th, started in the pouring rain and didn’t begin in the best way for the Gladiators. They began the game with tension and pressure, paying the price by ending the first half with a 3-0 scoreline. However, the words and tactical choices of coach Franceschi provided a spark for the players, and they fought back, goal by goal, to overturn the score and win the final 4-3, like true gladiators!

On Monday, April 17th, the basketball final took place in the American derby against the Wolves of AUR. It was not just a simple game, but a great spectacle. As tradition dictates for important events, the JCU Cheerleaders opened the show with one of their beautiful performances, followed by the players entering the court with the United States’ anthem playing in the background. The game was tight, and without any substitutions available, JCU managed their energy very well, giving more space for AUR to maneuver before increasing the pace in the last two quarters of the game. Coach Cano’s team won the game with just a two-point difference in a thrilling finale.

Both teams will be awarded during the closing ceremony of the championships in May. We are extremely proud of how our players have managed to balance their academic commitments with the challenges on the field.

The athletics department has already begun planning for the next season, and we hope to see even more success from the Gladiators in the future. Go Gladiators!