group picture of the friendly triangular soccer tournament vs temple university and elis

Triangular friendly soccer tournament on a Saturday morning

On Saturday, January 20th, some representatives from our Men’s Soccer team played an away triangular friendly soccer tournament against Temple University and Centro Elis.

The tournament, strongly desired and organized by the Elis Center, took place at their sports center and brought together dozens of student-athletes on a beautiful Saturday morning that turned into a day of great sports enthusiasm and fair play.

We would like to express our heartfelt thanks to Elis for organizing this beautiful friendly tournament, which we hope will become a tradition and expand to involve different communities. We also appreciate them for lending us the goalkeeper, as well as Temple for loaning us 4 players to make substitutions on the field, as our players were dedicated to the game and would not have been able to rest otherwise. This is the spirit that we appreciate and call the Gladiator’s Spirit: friendship, sportsmanship, and enjoyment.

Our sport teams’ coordinator Massimiliano Menculini comments on the great day:

It was a good day of sport among 3 schools that have never had the chance to meet each other before. The first match we played was difficult because the players were not used to playing 7v7 and we had some players playing for us but from other teams that we didn’t know, and we had to find a new balance.
We lost the first one but then it was just an escalation that brought us to gain the first position in this triangular tournament.
We wish to thank Temple University for lending us the goalkeeper and Elis the 4 players that played with us, and in general for the entire organization of this great and fun tournament.

The outcome of the tournament, which saw us emerge as winners, cannot be compared to the satisfaction we feel as members of the Athletics department staff at John Cabot. We are confident that the entire organization shares this sentiment, witnessing young athletes enjoying themselves through sports, united by a passion for soccer and a great spirit of enthusiasm and camaraderie. Thanks to all our players and those from Temple and Elis for participating and making this day truly magical.

Go Gladiators!