The Chosen Ones!

JCU Athletics Department is pleased to announce the official Spring-2019 Soccer Teams and Volleyball Team Roster!

The players have been selected after two weeks of tryouts. Thank you to everyone who participated and congratulations to those who are now officially part of the teams!

Please find the final rosters below


Asham Ramez
Barone Marco
Browitt Matthew
Castellani Giorgio
Cattaneo Tommaso
Cecchini Rajesh
Davoli Cairo
Derks Jonathan
Donnini Guglielmo
Escalante Gianfranco
Garcia Alessandro
Haddad Mohamed
Limani Gentian
Micarelli Marco
Montagne Andre
Moreno Ignacio
Ortega Jose
Palattella Giacomo
Paul Stephen
Proano Juan Carlos
Proano Juan Pablo
Recupero Matthew
Sanchez Pablo
Siravo Antonio
Tortorelli Marco
Zaccheo Gabriele


Bane Samantha
Calselli Claudia
Colagrossi Viviana
Cunningham Kat
Fantauzzi Diana
Fox Andrea
Luvisotti Nicole
Moulton Rachael
Nicoletti Giordana
Schick Sabrina
Shanna Keil
Thompson Isabella


Barinberg Matthew
Felici Francesco
Melina Stefano
Monzani Andrea
Palazzi Andrea
Pinna Serafino
Royuela Fernando
Solano Ricardo
Volpe Niccolo


Abo Kheshim Yassin
Azzariti Luca
Bolzoni Daniela
Davis Thomas
Francica Eleonora
Giacomi Flaminia
Grossman Elena
Gundrum Megan
Hargan Enya
Johnson Kehisha
Monday Chet
Osburn Karli
Pianowski Muriel
Proano Maria
Ruffoni Andrea
Rusich Veronica
Shums Mohammed

Congrats, again! You are now officially a Gladiator and will represent John Cabot University in the different tournaments. We expect you to always give your best, be respectful, and have fun in accordance with our Gladiator spirit!

Good luck for the Spring-2019 Season!