1st JCU Tennis Table Intramural

On Friday, January 25, JCU Athletics organized its first tennis table intramural, and the results were just great!

A lot of students were present and gave their best in order to try to get a spot in the ACG International Sports Festival in Athens this upcoming March.

Many of the participants proved to have very good skills and played a good tournament. After many competitive rounds, we finally had our three finalists: Matija Maksimovich, our Captain of the Men’s 5-on-5 Soccer team Serafino Pinna Vodret (after the repechage), and our JCU staff member Francesco Collacciani.

The three of them battled well, and in the end, Francesco prevailed over Matija who won second place and Serafino who conquered the third place.

Congratulations to all the people who participated! You all played well! And thank you to JCU staff member Riccardo Pugliese, who played and also helped us keeping track of the scores afterwards.

Next Friday, February 1st, we will have, instead, our Men’s and Women’s Tennis Tournament at 10:00 am at Centro Sport Libero (Lungotevere Dante, 277). Sign ups are still open! Email us at [email protected] or stop by the Athletics Office (JCU Fitness Center – Gianicolo Residence to sign up) to register.

Hope to see you there, and stay tuned for more upcoming news!