Team JCU Joins Komen Race for Breast Cancer Cure

This past Sunday morning, 30 JCU Community members met each other to support the fight against breast cancer with the uniting power of athletics.  These 30 community members together formed Team JCU, an official group competing in the 2023 Komen Race For the Cure, an annual event that brings together tens of thousands of supporters to join in a 2K walk or 5K/8K run against breast cancer.  Through their participation in this event, each member of Team JCU contributed their time and a donation of at least EUR 15 towards the breast cancer research.   

Team JCU’s activities started an hour and a half before the race at the well-known bar Meccanismo.  Here, everyone had a chance to come together and enjoy a small breakfast, offered by JCU Student Services.  “Having everyone together for this breakfast was so great,” says Nicholas, Team Captain for Team JCU.  “Before heading into the crowds of people at the start-line, this coffee and cornetto at Meccanismo gave us an opportunity to see the faces of all the other community members who came out to join in this effort.”   

All in all, Team JCU was composed of a mix of students, faculty, staff, alumni, and JCU community family members.  Many of those who signed up had only just finished their final exams only two days earlier.  For these, Team JCU was an opportunity to look forward to during an intense week of finals.  Situated at the Sunday after the last day of finals, the team effort and honorable cause that come with the Race For the Cure serve as the perfect bookmark to the 2022-23 scholastic year of studies.   

We offer a final thank you to all of those who came out to offer their time, effort, and monetary donations to fight against the terrible disease of breast cancer.  Team JCU would not have been possible without these impressive individuals.  We offer also a thank you to the JCU departments who organized the effort: JCU Athletics, Student Services, and Health & Wellbeing. 

Other opportunities similar to Team JCU and the Race For the Cure will come up in the months to come!