Oro Verde Tournament: SG Volley vs JCU Game Recap

Last night, JCU Gladiators Coed Volleyball Team played its second match in the Oro Verde Tournament against SG Volley Roma. But unfortunately, our Gladiators suffered a heavy defeat this time, losing 3-0.

According to the coach, Stefano Papari, the team appeared to be in a difficult situation during the game “particularly due to the dimension of the field, which was way smaller than the one the team uses for practice.” Other than that, however, the team wasn’t really focused, and “all the players struggled to spring into action,” giving away precious points to the opposing team.

Massimiliano Menculini, JCU Athletics staff member, wanted to add a positive note despite the game loss, “Event though, our players were not able to give their best in this match, I have noticed that each one of them has individual athletics skills that eventually can contribute to form a great and winning team. It’s only a matter of combining them altogether and finding the right mix. But I’m sure that this aspect will improve with time and practice, turning the players into one single and close team.”

We know that it is not easy to build a team in just a few weeks, but our Gladiators have started with the right foot, especially thanks to our new Captain of the team, Flaminia Giacomi. Flaminia, a degree seeking student at JCU and the setter of the volleyball team, was officially elected by the coach as this-week-game MVP.

Flaminia proved to be the best player in the match, by showing good technical skills from the serve to the assist and attacks. “She tried to give her best and was very present during the game, by dragging and encouraging the team components,” coach Stefano said.
Her words at the end of the game also demonstrated Flaminia’s determination and willing to succeed together with her teammates, which makes her a good leader and captain. “I’m sorry I wasn’t the best Captain ever yesterday. It’s the first time for me, and I still have a lot to learn how to be a good captain. But I’m sure that we can grow altogether, helping each other out,” Flaminia wrote to her teammates.

Even though you didn’t feel at your best, we can guarantee you that you surely are and will be a great Captain for our Gladiators volleyball team. So good job, Flaminia! And congratulations on receiving the MVP recognition for this game!

For you Gladiators, don’t be discouraged! It’s only one lost match, and we have many more to come, and plenty of time to perform an explosive comeback! We believe in you! Keep working hard and success will automatically follow afterwards!