First Game, First Win! Recap of First Spring ’18 Volleyball Game and Pep Rally Night Event

The first volleyball game of the Spring 2018 semester couldn’t begin any better!

Last night, our Gladiators volleyball team had their first Oroverde Tournament homegame at Virgilio and brought home their first victory against the Dalla Chiesa team for a final score of 3-1.

Our Gladiators started really well scoring the first points of the 1st set. However, the Dalla Chiesa team didn’t break down, ending the set with a win of 17-25.

But our Gladiators reacted fiercely, winning the 2nd set 25-21 and proving to not only have great athletics skills but also to be able to work as a talented team.

The Dalla Chiesa team could not contain our Gladiators’ power and skillful game tactics. The opposing team, finally, surrendered to our Gladiators’ dominance who ended up winning the last two sets 25-21.

Some of our Gladiators players had really made the difference on the field last night, acting as influential and precious team components.

To name a few:

Giorgia Cappelletti: a fundamental and steadfast player in all situations

Sierra Avery: Aggressive! She attacks and scores!

Caitlin Sweeney: Smart! Looks where to attack and hits the ball!

Kristin Dachelet: Play safe and rarely makes mistakes! Keep going!

Anyway, we want to congratulate with each one of you because you all played really well, and we could have not won without your hard work. Each one of you has been an essential part and fully contributed to the final victory! We are sure that with practice, the team can improve and grow even more. Great job! We are proud of you!

We also want to thank all the JCU Gladiators’ fans who came to the game, supporting and encouraging our Gladiators until the very last minute with great cheer!
If we won, it’s also because of you! And you deserve this victory as well!

Last but not least, we give many thanks to all the people who showed up at our Pep Rally Event! We hope you all had a great time and enjoyed spending some time with our Gladiators volleyball team!






Last night was definitely an amazing night, Gladiators! Looking forward to another great game together!