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Men's Soccer Championship
August 27, 1998

Gilberto Ramon Peña is an 18-year old Mexican-American Freshman study abroad from Los Angeles, California majoring in Biochemistry.  This will be his first semester playing for the JCU Gladiators men’s soccer team and he will be playing as a right/left back.  Peña first began playing soccer when he was five years old because of the passion and love he has for the game tactically and emotionally.  He says that he always loved the competiveness and the commitment the sport of soccer requires as well.  While playing club soccer, Peña has won the Southwest Soccer Showcase, Cerritos Premier Cup, and finished as semifinalists for Nationals.  While playing high school soccer, he won the Huntington Beach Invitational, was a team captain, and was awarded the Iron Man award for the soccer team.  After graduating, Peña would like to earn a Doctorate of Pharmacy at USC and become a pharmacist under a hospital setting.  He ultimately would like to earn the position of Director of Pharmacy at a pharmacy or hospital as well, and would ideally like to live in Los Angeles after he graduates.  Peña’s favorite sports team is Chivas de Guadalajara, and he also loves the American football team, the Raiders!

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