JCU Coed Volleyball and Men’s 5vs5 Soccer Teams Close to Victory

Good performance of both JCU Coed Volleyball and Men’s 5vs5 Soccer teams last night that miss the victory by a thread in their respective games.

JCU Coed Volleyball team faces Bitossi in their 2nd game of the Oroverde Tournament. The game is fought head to head until the end. However, it is Bitossi that ultimately gains the upper hand over JCU, winning 1-2 [20-25; 25-23; 18-25].

In the first set, Bitossi immediately takes the lead. Our Gladiators commit a few extra mistakes that allow the opponents to pull ahead. However, JCU is still able to find some efficient solutions in different occasions. The set ends 20-25 for Bitossi.

Our Gladiators find their groove in the second set. Despite Bitossi attempts at a come back, JCU plays stronger and wisely, attacking and defending well, defeating the rivals 25-23.

In the third set, JCU seems to loosen up the grip a little bit, and Bitossi exploits the situation to take home the victory, winning the last set 18-25.

“Despite the result, I am happy with how the team played,” coach Papari commented. “Everyone gave a significant contribution to the team, and we fought every set until the very last minute.”

Good job, Gladiators! Keep it up and be ready for your next game on Thursday! We believe you can win this time!

MVPAimi Iwao

JCU Men’s 5vs5 Soccer, instead, takes the field for their 5th game of the Universities of Rome Championship against Educatt (UCSC).

Our Gladiators try their best and play well, but a few mistakes every now and then deliver the victory to the opponents who win the game 4-3.

The first half sees a level playing field. Our Gladiators try to press more and have many occasions to score, but they miss them all. Similarly, Educatt attempts at scoring a few times, but JCU defense responds well and doesn’t let them score. The first half ends 0-0.

As the second half begins, Educatt is immediately able to score, taking the lead. Our Gladiators, however, don’t let go for a second and tie the result thanks to an incredible goal by Prosperi. Educatt scores again, but JCU immeditaley responds with another amazing goal by Palazzi. JCU attempts to remain clinged to the opponents, but a few moments of inattention allow Educatt to create a bigger score gap scoring other two goals.

Our Gladiators don’t give up and fight until the very last second, being able to score the third goal thanks to Aboushwesha who kicks the ball in air and centers the opponents’ goal on an assist by Perrotta.

“We didn’t deserve to lose because we played really well, and I want to congratulate with my team for this performance,” coach Franceschi commented. “There are still a few more things on which we need to improve, but I see progress in every game. Unfortunately, we always come to the game with a limited number of players. I could only make one change, and that definitely affected the fate of the game.”

Good job, Gladiators! We know that this first part of the Season didn’t go as expected, but we are sure that you will be able to get a strong come back in the second part!

MVPAbdul Aboushwesha