JCU Soccer Teams bring home a total of 7 out 9 points and go up in the ranking

Yesterday was definitely a very cold night, but our Gladiators cheerleaders and soccer team players were able to heat up the temperature thanks to their amazing performances! At the end of the night, our soccer teams came back home with two wins and a tie, gaining precious points in their respective final rankings of the Universities of Rome Championship.

Before going in deeper about last night games, we want to highlight the delightful performance of our Cheerleading Team. Our cheerleaders did a great job despite their very little time they had to prepare the choreography. However, “They proved to be a very good team with great enthusiasm and huge willingness to learn and improve,” Elena Gregori, our Cheerleading Team coach said. A particular round of applause goes to the cheerleader Caroline Liquit who was elected MVP of the night thanks to her ability to lead the team and keep the enthusiasm high despite the difficult period of changes that the team is currently going through.




Congratulations, Caroline! And congratulations to all of you because you definitely added a good dose of entertainment last night! Keep it up!

For what concerns our soccer teams, we start by pointing out the two important victories that the Women’s and Men’s Soccer 5 vs 5 teams respectively brought home against the American University of Rome, in two very challenging derby matches.

The Men’s Soccer 5 vs 5 game was especially a nerve-wracking match, which saw our Gladiators winning 5-6 at the very last minute.


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
The American University of Rome415Loss
John Cabot University – Men’s 5on5 Soccer246Win

According to our Gladiators coach Manuel Franceschi, “AUR team proved to be a very though opponent, showing smart tactics and good physical preparation, leading the first half of the game 2-0. The second half marked, instead, the turning point for our Gladiators who reacted and started scoring.” However, for every JCU goal, AUR scored back, thus turning the game into a sort of ping pong scores. It was only when our Gladiators scored two times in a row that they were able to gain back their motivation and enthusiasm, ending the game with a last-minute win. “Last night, all the team players showed their real value because despite being at disadvantage for the entire game, they never gave up and found, at the end, the strength to fight back,” coach Manuel said.
Our Gladiators team won thanks to the powerful teamwork they displayed during the game, and everyone represented an indispensable piece. In particular, we would like to highlight the great performance of the player Giampiero Morrico who scored three precious goals and that of Ricardo Solano who was elected MVP of the game.

Coach Manuel said about Ricardo, “Ricardo really showed great commitment and improvement, becoming a real warrior in his position as a defender.”
Congratulations Ricardo!

Another positive news comes from our Women’s Soccer Team who also won against AUR for a final score of 2-5.


The American University of Rome2Loss
John Cabot University – Women’s Soccer5Win

Despite our victory, AUR team was able to take Lady Gladiators down a few notches in different situations. “AUR players immediately started very strong by setting the game on a more physical level than a tactical one, which is closer to our players’ type of game. However, time showed Lady Gladiators’ pride and, most of all, the supremacy in their technical abilities, allowing the team to win with little effort,” coach Paolo Farina affirmed. This result is really important for the general ranking, which see our Lady Gladiators clinging to Foro Italico University, currently both in the first position.
All Lady Gladiators displayed an excellent proof of strength during last night game, but Taylor Greene went that extra mile for the team, showing her exceptional soccer skills and receiving the MVP recognition for this game. Congrats, Taylor!

Our Men’s Soccer Team 11 vs 11, instead, ended its match in a draw 4-4 against Erasmus in Campus team, but showing great margin of improvement.


Club1st Half2nd HalfGoalsOutcome
John Cabot University – Men’s Soccer224Draw

“In the first half of the game, Gladiators played really well. They were really attentive in every situation and played as a real team. However, in the second half, the team came back onto the field less focused and disoriented,” coach Riccardo Concari pointed out. The positive note is the final reaction of the team. Despite Gladiators’ confusion in the reprise, at the end of the game, they were able show their determination, ending the game 4-4. “It’s a little consolation because we can definitely win these kinds of matches with more character and and confidence,” coach Riccardo added.
A special attention needs to be dedicated to our Gladiator Arthur Mallmann. Coach Riccardo said about him, “He didn’t really play in his position on the field, but he looked like an expert. He played simple and clean, always at the right place.” Good job, Arthur!
José Pablo Ortega was elected as MVP of the game for the second time in a row. “Besides his three amazing goals, José always tried to help the team in all the possible ways he could. He never stopped until the end of the game when he was also able to display an impressive move,” coach Riccardo said. Congrats again, José!

Last but not least, we want to thank all the amazing Gladiators supporters who showed up at the Stadium and rooted until the end. We also thank our mascot Maximus for having his enjoyable presence at the field with our cheerleaders.

Congrats to everyone! And may this be the first of many more incredible and winning nights together!