Gladiators Circeo Day Trip!

On Friday, October 6th – the JCU Athletics crew traveled to San Felice Circeo to the climb the mountain of about 540mt that overlooks a beautiful crystal clear sea!

The Athletics team had an early start and we left from Tiber campus at around 9 am. We reached Sabaudia, a coastal town located in the province of Latina (Lazio) – about an hour and a half from the south of Rome at 11 am, and began our hike!

Not only did we have good luck with the weather (we missed the rain that the forecast had predicted all week, and it was a beautiful day!), but after our intense hike of 5 kilometers (around 3.1 miles) that took about 3 hours, we got a much deserved break with an unbelievable view from the top.

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We’re really looking forward to our next two hiking trips, Majella and Montereale, coming up at the end of October and mid-November!