Exciting Start to the Gladiator’s Season: Derby Wins and Pep Rally Day

The Gladiators had an electrifying start to the season during the week of October 23rd as they kicked off their competitive games with a bang. The first day of the championship was highly anticipated, featuring three thrilling derbies against the American University of Rome. Our Gladiators managed to secure victories in two of the three matches and even claimed a draw in the third.

The men’s basketball team set the tone for the day with a resounding victory, overwhelming their opponents with a final score of 51-22. The impressive performance not only displayed their skills but also ignited the spirits of the fantastic crowd in attendance.

The Men’s 5v5 soccer team showcased their determination and resilience, managing to secure a 5-5 draw in the last minute, following an exhilarating comeback. The Gladiators demonstrated their commitment to excellence throughout the matches, leaving fans on the edge of their seats.

Midweek, the much-anticipated Pep Rally Day took place. It was a collaborative effort between the Athletics Department, Student Services, the Dean of Students, the Academic Office, and the Student Government Club. The event saw an incredible turnout of 100 students at the Trastevere Stadium. The women’s 5v5 Soccer team, spurred on by the enthusiastic participants, the cheerleaders, and Maximus the mascot, secured a remarkable 8-2 victory against AUR. The Men’s Soccer Gladiators, despite numerous scoring opportunities, ended with a respectable 2-2 draw.

The action-packed week continued with our student-athletes back on the field, participating in a plethora of matches. You can find all the details in the varsity section of our blog and the calendar on the sidebar.

We want to encourage our Gladiators to keep up the fantastic work both on and off the field. We appreciate the support from our incredible fans, and we look forward to seeing you at our future matches and events.

Go John Cabot University and Go Gladiators! 💪🏀⚽🎉