DARE THE TEAM: Challenge Accepted!

On Tuesday, November 6, JCU basketball team played an intramural game against some other JCU students who threw down a challenge to our Gladiators.

The game was really fun and intense, and both teams showed really good skills on the court. In particular, our Gladiators played well in the first two quarters, gaining a substantial advantage over the opposing team. However, between the third and the fourth quarters, our team started to slip into some general confusion. A few moments of inattention in defense allowed the opponents to perform a come back, even though this was not enough to overurn the result.

Our Gladiators won the challenge with only one-point difference, ending the game 62-61. Congratulations to both teams!

We then want to give a warm welcome back to our JCU basketball coach Francesco Serraino, who, after a few weeks away, has finally come back to support and guide the team.

Analyzing the game, coach Francesco commented, “All of my players were very supportive towards each other during the game. I only wanted to see more perseverance and continuity in the way they played all the quarters.”

Despite the non-competitive status of the game, this was an important test to see how our Gladiators are standing in their preparation for the 4th World InterUniversities Championships taking place in mid-November in Barcelona.

“Overall, I am really happy about this team, and I think we can aim at important results in Barcelona. We only need to improve some aspects in defence and find some tactics to move the ball around more when feeling pressed by the opponents.”

And we know for sure that you are great team, Gladiators! Keep it up and work hard!

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