Coach Beatrice Boni

foto profilo Beatrice Boni
ita Italy
Current Team


Name: Beatrice Boni
Hometown: Viterbo, Italy
Team Coach: Women’s 5on5 Soccer
Previous Coaching Experience: Università degli studi del Foro Italico
Favorite Quote/Motto: Never give up

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1. What do you like the most about coaching at JCU?
For me it is a great privilege to coach girls who come from all over the world. Most are American, but many have a very different culture and sport experience. It is very exciting to see them more and more united as a team on the field.

2. What is the biggest challenge you have ever encountered while coaching at JCU?
The biggest challenge is trying to convey my ideas and my sport values in another language, especially during a time-out or before a match, which is the time for motivational speech and I must be concise and immediate. Indeed, supporting my players is very important, in addition to giving them technical feedback and instructions, in my opinion.

3. What do you expect in your players? What is the most important characteristic they should have?
I expect a team work and a team strength rather than the work of each individual player. To me, passion, wellbeing, competitive spirit, and commitment for the team are the characteristics that no one on the field must ever lack of.