14 Nick Courtney

usa United States
Middle Blocker
Current Team
John Cabot University

Nick Courtney is a 20-year old study abroad junior from Buffalo, New York in the U.S., majoring in accounting and minoring in applied mathematics. This is his first semester playing for the JCU co-ed volleyball team and he plays as a middle blocker. Nick first started playing volleyball in middle school when he was looking for another sport to play in the spring season. Although short for his age, he picked up the game quickly and the coach put him in the lineup as a setter. Nick played volleyball a bit in high school before injuring his arm, and now he only plays recreationally at university back in the States.

After graduating, Nick would like to work as a management consultant and eventually get into the non-profit field. He would like to look for work in Chicago, although consulting involves quite a bit of travel so he would get to experience different areas of the country! Nick’s favorite sports team (American football team) is the Buffalo Bills and a fun fact about him is that he has watched a baseball game in 23 our of the 30 professional stadiums in the U.S. (and Canada!)