Volleyball championship history

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The league was created in 2013 with 4 different universities competing

volleyball champions

April 12th, 2013 – JCU Volleyball Gladiators win the first edition of the coed volleyball tournament of the Roman Universities.

The final match was against Europea di Roma and finished at 3-2 in favor of JCU.

Mateo Micucci, a JCU’s outside hitter/wing spiker, is awarded best player of the final match

  1. JCU
  2. Europea di Roma
  3. Link Campus
  4. AUR

2014 – John Cabot loses in the semifinal against Foro Italico – but wins third place against Link Campus – European wins first place

  1. Europea di Roma
  2. Foro Italico
  3. JCU
  4. Link Campus

2015 – John Cabot is eliminated in the semifinal but continues on to play for the third and fourth place. JCU beats Europea di Roma and wins third place.

  1. Link Campus
  2. Foro Italico
  3. John Cabot University
  4. Europea di Roma

2016 – John Cabot makes it into the final to compete against Foro Italico. Although Foro takes first place, it was still an honor for the Gladiators to take part in the final game.

Roberta Falvo, the JCU’s setter, is awarded best player of the tournament

  1. Foro Italico
  2. John Cabot University
  3. Link Campus
  4. Europea di Roma

Roster 2021/2022: click here