The Chosen Ones! Official JCU Women’s and Men’s Soccer 5 vs 5 and Volleyball Teams

The Athletics Department is pleased to announce the Official Spring 2018 Women’s and Men’s Soccer 5 vs 5 and Volleyball Team Rosters!

Congratulations! We are proud of you, and we look forward to sharing a great Season with all of you!

Women’s Soccer 5vs5:

Albezzano Maria Vittoria
Anstice Elizabeth
Calselli Claudia
Castellano Sarah
Colagrossi Viviana
De Felice Gabriella
Fantauzzi Diana
Funston Emily
Greene Taylor
Klemer Alexandra
Luvisotti Nicole
Ruffoni Andrea

Men’s Soccer 5vs5:

Benedetti Edoardo
Chinotti Gianmichael
Im Antonio
Mollaian Keivan
Monzani Andrea
Oustwani Omar
Oustwani Magd
Pinna Vodret Serafino
Solano Ricardo

Coed Volleyball:

Avery Sierra
Butler Nathaniel
Cappelletti Giorgia
Dachelet Kristin
Francica Eleonora
Giacomi Flaminia
Harkenrider Mackenzie
Iqbal Shazia
Jackson Liana
Jones Reed
Kaplan Rebecca
Keevy Aminah
Landrum Donald
Marinelli Reagan
Nadim Habiba
Rusich Veronica
Swanson Jake
Sweeney Caitlin
Todd Madeleine
Weatherford Mckinley
Zyniewicz Camille

**Don’t forget to check your emails to find the necessary information regarding additional steps to follow.

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