Thank You, Gladiators!

The 2018-Spring Semester is coming to an end, and for most of our Gladiators is time to say goodbye to JCU and step forward to the beginning of their future life careers.

However, it is our duty to pay homage to those students who have been part of JCU Athletics family for the past years, contributing to the growth and success of our Department. We will not be thankful enough for all you have done for us, and the great work you have carried out, always showing your true Gladiator spirit with respect, commitment, and enthusiasm.

These are the following Awards we have handed out this year to our most outstanding student-workers and athletes:

SPORTS AWARD: Marco Fortuna

GLADIATOR SPIRIT AWARD: Flavia Antonelli, Elisabetta Frisaldi, Alessandra Longo, Veronica Rusich


Men’s Soccer: Samuel Bordley
Women’s Soccer: Sarah Castellano
Men’s Futsal: Serafino Pinna Vodret
Coed Volleyball: Jake Swanson
Basketball: Corey Thomas Reilly
Cheerleading: Ahyun Rha


Men’s Soccer: José Pablo Ortega
Women’s Soccer: Maria Vittoria Albezzano
Men’s Futsal: Ricardo Solano
Coed Volleyball: Flaminia Giacomi
Basketball: Giggs Kgonamotse Kgole
Cheerleading: Caroline Liquit


For those who are leaving, we are definitely going to miss you, but we wish you the best for your future careers. For those who are still staying, we look forward to share with you another great semester!