JCU Volleyball Wins First Game of Universities Tournament Against AUR

After kicking off the Oro Verde Tournament on Monday night, JCU Volleyball team was back to the field taking on The American University of Rome (AUR) for the beginning of the Universities of Rome Championship on Tuesday, November 27.

The game was tougher than expected, but our Gladiators were able to pull out a 2-1 win over AUR. Indeed, the opponents surprisingly played a really good game, making things a little bit difficult for our team. Plus, JCU felt more the fatigue from the previous day game, which resulted in a drop of attention during this match.

JCU won the the first set with minimun scoring difference, but AUR was able to perform a comeback in the second set, bringing the temporary result to a tie (1-1).

In the last set, JCU finally found again the right mentality and focus, avoiding errors and conquering the victory. The game ended 2-1 for JCU.

“These past two days, we faced two very tough and exhausting games,” coach Stefano Papari commented. “But I’m proud of this team because I can really see each player’s progress and improvements. They all grew a lot both individually and as a team, becoming a really cohesive and close to one another. So I want to congratulate with them not only for their sports achievements but also for their relational ones.”

Congrats, Gladiators! You did a great job yesterday, and we could have never been more proud to hear coach Stefano‘s comments about you. Because, of course, we care a lot about your sports results in the tournaments, but our goal is also that of making you grow as human beings, teaching you all the highest sports principle such as determination, commitment, teamwork, and fairplay.

MVPFlaminia Giacomi