“Go Gladiators, let’s Go!”

After presenting the new rosters for the soccer, volleyball, and basketball teams, it is finally time to announce the members of the first and incomparable cheerleading squad of the universities in Rome. The already cohesive group from last semester has been enriched with new members and is intensively preparing, with three weekly practices, for the first performance of 2023, which will be announced shortly.

Coach Elena Gregori is very pleased to have 13 athletes on the team this semester. “In the gym, you can breathe enthusiasm and a desire to grow and improve among both the new athletes and the student-athletes from previous years. They all have a great rapport with each other, and this atmosphere is ideal for creating beautiful performances with increasingly advanced technical elements, without neglecting fun, as well as consistency, dedication, and hard work.” declared Coach Gregori, who hopes to replicate the beautiful performances of last semester. And here is the roster of the selected student-athletes:

Arden Coen
Carolina Miller
Chiara Corradini
Emanuele Ruotolo
Flaminia Dell’Amico
Giulia Prandini
Jenna Peterson
Maria Cataldi
Naomi Vitiello
Oliwia Gladysz
Sofija Kalederovic
Taleha Whyte
Valeria Garcia

Keep following us to find out when the fantastic cheerleaders’ next appearance will be!