JCU Coed Volleyball So Close to Win First Game of the Oroverde Tournament

The Oroverde Tournament finally kicks off last night for our JCU Coed Volleyball team. Our Gladiators give an excellent performance, missing the final victory by a thread, which goes to our opponents Aurelio PSM (APS) with the result of 1-2.

JCU starts off the game well, but APS immediately shows to be a solid and well-organized team, being able to efficiently oppose our kills and giving our Gladiators some trouble in reception. APS wins the first set, 17-25.

JCU, however, finds back their groove in the second set and dominates the court, also thank to Hong‘s remarkable plays in reception. APS tries to perform a comeback, but it is too late, and our Gladiators took home the second set, 25-18.

JCU vs APS – November 19, 2019

The third set is a head-to-head fight. APS reacts well to our strategic moves and adjust their play, balancing the game. In the first part, our opponents seem to get closer to the victory, but they didn’t take into consideration our Gladiators’ strong reaction, which forces APS to win at the extra points, 27-29.

“This is an excellent debut in the tournament for our team,” coach Stefano Papari commented. “APS is a very strong and solid team, but we played well with sacrifice and determination, being very close to defeat them.”

Congratulations, Gladiators! You did a good job! Next time, it’ll definitely be a win!

MVPSean Hong

UER vs JCU | Tuesday, November 26th | 8:00 pm | Via Fonteiana, 125