JCU Coed Volleyball Holds Off SG Volley

Another win for JCU Coed Volleyball team who finally seems to have hit the ground running.

It was an extremely head-to-head game, but our Gladiators ultimately got ahold of their rival, winning 3-2 over SG Volley (SGV).

“I am really happy with how we played tonight,” coach Papari commented. “Especially because it was a very intense game, but we never lost the focus even when we were in disadvantage.”

JCU immeditaly took the lead by winning the first set 25-20. However, SGV was able to react and brought home the second set by a thread thanks to a 27-25 win over JCU. The third set saw again JCU gaining back the advantage, earning a 25-18 victory.

JCU middle blocker/spiker Megan Gundrum #14 at the serve

During the fourth set, SGV tried to adopt a different game tactic, putting JCU into difficulty with lobs and and weird plays. SGV won 17-25 the set, but it wasn’t enough to stop our Gladiators who were able to stay sharp and take the final victory, closing the tie-break 16-14.

“It was an intense game for us, and all of my players were really tired at the end,” coach Papari continued. “But I am really proud of them because it was not easy to maintain the calm and concetration when the opponents were trying anything to make them nervous. We played an excellent game not only for the victory itself but because we are finally learning to play as a team.”

“The girls also did a great job at the serve, especially Megan. I wanted to give the MVP to her at the beggining, but then I had to give it to Flaminia because she performed an excellent game, and she was the one who spent more energy on the field,” Papari concluded.

Congratulations, Gladiators! We are proud of you! Keep it up now!

MVPFlaminia Giacomi