JCU Beats Temple in First Friendly Match

On Thursday, September 20, our brand new JCU Basketball Team opened up the Season with a friendly game against Temple University.

It was an extremely hectic game, but our Gladiators gained the upper hand and ended the game with a 105 – 85 win.

All of our players displayed good individual technical and tactical levels on the field, but there is still need for improvement, especially on the teamwork side. The team has been recently formed and has been practicing together for only one week. Our players definitely start from a quite high-level play, and we are sure that with practice, they can also improve on their team cohesiveness and become unstoppable.

Congrats to all the players and special congratulations go also to Luke Morrisroe who provided great contribution to the team with his many scores, as well as Patrick Gilmore, Matthew Kim, and Justin Wong.

Our Gladiators in action during the game

Our team was then encouraged by a large group of JCU fans who came to court and definitely helped our Gladiators during the game with their cheers and support!

Good job, Gladiators! Last night was only the first game, so keep it up because we will soon have much more interesting and international games to face!