#GetFitNovember: Strava Challenge Fall 2021

With all of the success of our past Strava Challenges the Gladiators knew we wanted to continue to bring together our JCU communities to give back. #GetFitNovember combines health and wellness, provides sport and recreational activities and gives back to the local community. Over the month of November, JCU students, alumni, staff, and faculty had the chance to compete against & with one another using the popular fitness app, Strava. The app measures physical activity whether it be walking to class, running, biking, etc. Each week, there was a top 10 ranking and an hourly overall group goal. If the hourly goal was met, JCU donated crucial hygiene products to the non-profit organization, Vo.Re.Co. 

The Athletics Department, Student Services, JCU STAND, and JCU Community Service worked in tandem to donate these important hygiene products as the Strava Challenge continued to thrive. #GetFitNovember had over 30 active participants who completed 423 hours of physical activity over the course of the month. With the help and collaboration of other organizations and clubs on JCU’s campus, we are able to expand this challenge, have larger goals, and give back even more. Thank you to all who participated in the Strava Challenge, JCU Student Services, JCU STAND, JCU Community Service, and Vo.Re.Co. We couldn’t have done it without you. Now, get ready for next semester!

Below are the top rankers at the final awards ceremony. Awesome job to all that participated!