First Week of Tryouts: Many New Young Talented Players and Good Returning Ones

September 3rd – September 6th was the first week of tryouts here at JCU, and we couldn’t have been more excited to see many of you zestfully playing to win a spot in the teams.

We started on Monday/Wednesday with the Soccer teams (Men’s Soccer 11vs11Men’s Soccer 5vs5Women’s Soccer 5vs5) and Volleyball team tryouts. We were glad to see many new faces and a few good returning players.

On Tuesday/Thursday, we had Cheerleading and Basketball tryouts, and we were surprisingly happy to see the good number of new students interested in our Cheerleading team.

Overall, we were quite satisfied with all the students participating to our tryouts. Some of you were definitely more experienced players with excellent athletics skills, but each one of you had one important element, which is essential to become a real Gladiator: enthusiasm and willingness to play and improve both on and off the field.

So good job, everyone! Keep it up because we are still going to have another week of tryouts starting from September 10th until September 13th, according to the following schedule:

  • Monday/Wednesday: Men’s Soccer 11vs11 – Men’s Soccer 5vs5 – Women’s Soccer 5vs5 | 9:00 pm | Trastevere Stadium
  • Monday/Wednesday: Coed Volleyball | 9:00 pm | Virgilio
  • Tuesday/Thursday: Cheerleading | 5:15 pm | JCU Fitness Center
  • Tuesday/Thursday: Basketball | 9:30 pm | Virgilio

The Chosen Ones list will be out at the end of the second week of tryouts, so keep an eye on our social media platforms to check if you will have made it to the team! We need motivated students who have a strong passion for sport and are willing to learn and represent our Gladiators spirit at its best!

Good luck, and #GoGladiators!