First Match of the Semester: JCU COED Volleyball vs LiveCenter2000

A great beginning of the Semester for our varsity teams thank to the great performance of our COED Volleyball team who played the first match of Spring 22 against LiveCenter2000 team in the amateur Oroverde Tournament.

Despite the first set our Gladiators seemed to be starting the wrong way, as they were facing a 0-7 score, they managed to react and played an overall great match, winning 1-3.

On Thursday, January 27 we saw a pretty challenging game and a great start of the semester during the away game in Spinaceto.
After winning the first and second sets, respectively 20-25 and 18-25, during the third set our Gladiators seemed to lack focus and missed important points, which unavoidably led them to lose 7-25.

However, the fourth set was decisive. The last few points were pretty tough psychologically speaking, but our Gladiators played well enough to bring a great victory back home.

Captain Sofia Parenti, pretty satisfied, gave us a good feedback which definitely bodes well for the next matches and for the beginning of the University of Rome Championship.

β€œIt was an exciting game. We worked together as a team even though it was the first time playing together this semester. We started the first set 0-7 for the opposite team but we did not let it bring us down – we stayed concentrated and united as a team which is what got us to win that set and the game. We are looking forward to the next games upholding the team mentality and spirit.β€œ

Coach Stefano Papari added:

β€œWe are pretty happy and satisfied for this beginning, especially as we are a brand new team and we began the match from behind. For sure we need to improve in terms of consistency and effectiveness throughout the entire match period, especially with substitutions. On a positive note, we only played during practices a very few times, so we can definitely got room for improvement. All players did well, I have to say, but Taylor showed an outstanding involvement.β€œ

Good job, guys! We know that this could have been an important win, but the road is long, and let’s go get a well-deserved victory in the next game!

MVP Taylor Chung

UR3 vs JCU | Monday, February 14 | 9:00pm | San Paolo