Quarter Final and Semi Final Update for JCU Men’s Soccer!

On Wednesday, April 12th, our men’s soccer team played against Erasmus in Campus in the Quarter finals!

This was a good but very difficult match for our men’s team..

In the first 2 minutes, EIC was able to score because of an impossible to save shot on goal – making the score 1-0.

JCU was almost able to tie up the game, but EIC scored again after the second half, making it 2-0.

We were able to score one goal and so our coach directed the players to play in strong offense but it was not enough, and EIC came back with a counter attack, scoring twice more..

The final score was 4-1 and although we lost, it was a very challenging match and we fought hard to win throughout the entire game.

Our men’s soccer team will be coming back even stronger for the Semi Finals on Wednesday, April 19th @ 9:15 at our home field, Trastevere Stadium, against ESN Erasmus United!

We need your support Gladiators, so come out, cheer for our men’s soccer team, and help us show some JCU pride!

#GoGladiators #SemiFinals #JCUSpirit


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