#ConnectToYourCoach: Paolo Farina – JCU Women’s Soccer 5vs5


Name: Paolo Farina
Hometown: Olbia, Italy
Team Coach: Women’s Soccer 5vs5
Previous Coaching Experience: Soccer School Instructor
Favorite Quote/Motto: Never Give Up!

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1. What do you like the most about coaching at JCU?
I like getting into contact with players from different nations and cultures, but most of all, I find very stimulating coaching and communicating in another language.

2. What is the biggest challenge you have ever encountered while coaching at JCU?
My biggest challenge dates back to the first year of coaching at JCU when I had to start from zero with my technical English. However, with the help of the Italian players, I slowly found the right method and I learned to communicate thoroughly the different soccer techniques and tactics.

3. What do you expect in your players? What is the most important characteristic they should have?
From my players, I expect commitment, professionalism and respect towards the team, the university, and the staff members. Even though we play in a low category division, the willingness to work out and take challenges must be constantly high. The characteristics that my players should have are determination, charisma, and competitiveness.

4. Any comments about last Season? What did you do well and what could have been done better?
Last Season went quite well with clear dominance from our team and the University of Foro Italico. However, we met a well-organized and strong team during the Finals, and we lacked a little bit of determination that would have helped us won. I am still satisfied, though, because a second place is still a good result.

5. What are your goals for next Season?
The goal for next Season is that of creating a team with a good number of girls in order to face the Championship in the best way as possible. After playing two Finals in a row, we definitely want to head for a third!