Coed Volleyball – BIT Pulls Away Late in 2-3 win over JCU

On Monday,December 3,ย JCU coed volleyball team took the field for the second game of the Oroverde Tournament against ASD Bitossi (BIT). It was a very intense and hard-fought match. Our Gladiators dominated a good part of the game, but eventually the expertise of the opponents prevailed in 2-3 win [25-15; 19-25; 14-25; 25-23; 7-15].

JCU started off strong, immediately shaking up the opposing team. BIT was not able to contrast JCU attack and could not fully express its game in the first set, which ended with a crushing 25-15 win from our Gladiatiors.

Second set also began well for JCU, but this time, BIT re-entered the field more prepared and was able to contrast JCU play and brought home the second set,ย 19-25.

In the third set, JCU loosened up the grip a little bit, and BIT performed a comeback and took the lead. Our Gladiators couldn’t contrast well the opponents’ attack, finding hard to put the game strategies into place and score.

JCU reacted, though, in the fourth set, bringing back the match to a draw. Our Gladiators were more determined and focused and were able to contrast BIT attacking tacticts, ending the set 25-23.

On 2-2 temporary result, the game went on to the tie break. However, BIT expertise and resistance gained the advantage over JCU Gladiators who were not able to conquer the final victory by a thread.

“I am really happy with this team, and the progress it’s making,” coach Stefano Papari commented. “We have definitely come out of the game with our head high, tonight. These students have showed once again to be real players, always ready to sacrifice for the team and never give up!”

Congratulations, Gladiators! You were very close to win, and you played an excellent game! And this shows how much you have improved both individually and as a team!

On Wednesday, December 5 is going to be your last game before winter break, so focus on and let’s go win it!

MVPRita Simone