Basketball Season Kick-Off Challenge

Monday, November 12 was the turn for our Basketball team to take the field in the first-round 3vs3 basketball challenge of the Universities of Rome Championship.

Four teams battled on the court to earn the two-victory points and temporarily position at the top of the ranking. The teams who played during the first round were John Cabot University (JCU), The American University of Rome (AUR), The University of Foro Italico (UFI), and Tor Vergata University (TVG).

The overall level of the game was really high, and all the teams had very skilled players on their side, defending the colors of their respective universities.

First teams to play the 12-minute singular game were JCU vs AUR. Our Gladiators had an easy victory against our American friends, closing the match 24-13. JCU, then, faced TVG, which was a very tough opponent. The game was intense with the two teams scoring back to back. However, this time, JCU fell to TVG, which prevailed 25-21. Last game was not a good game for our Gladiators who came short at UFI, 18-30. JCU came down to the field less focused, something that the opposing team took to their advantage.

Short clip from JCU vs TVG game

Other games: AUR vs UFI 17-25; AUR vs TVG 17-31; UFI vs TVG 34-35

At the end of the first round, this the current ranking:

Tor Vergata 6
Foro Italico 4
John Cabot 2
American University 0

Here’s JCU Captain Patrick Gilmore‘s comment about the game, “We played very hard and played good defense for the most part, but yesterday was one of those days where shots didn’t fall. We did not play badly, we just did not make shots at opportune times.”

Then, he continues, “Also I think we are more of 5-on-5 team than a 3-on-3 team because we have many good players, and it was hard to only have 3 at a time and get everyone equal playing time.”

And we definitely know your talent and determination, so good job, Gladiators!
We can’t wait to see you playing now at the 4th World InterUniversities Championships in Barcelona!