CHESS Intramural SP20


a. Alessandro
b. Marco
c. Giorgio
d. Ricardo
e. Valerio
f. Filippo
g. President Franco Pavoncello

After the draws, participants will have 48 hours to organize and play their match. Before starting the game, all the players will need to register for free at the following link 
One of the two players will need to create a new game on the website (setting up the option of the 30-minute game), which will generate a link that needs to be sent to the opponent. The opponent has 15 minutes to click on the link and accept the challenge, so that the game can begin. The best Quarterfinal looser (the participant that will lose using the most time) will be playing the semifinal against the winner of the game E vs F.
At the end of the match, we kindly ask the winner to send a picture of you with the result to [email protected].