JCU Basketball Sweeps SMIT team

Another great game took place on Thursday, February 7 at Virgilio court where JCU Men’s Basketball team faced SMIT team as part of the UISP Tournament.

Our Gladiators played really well and dominated the game for almost the entire time, winning over SMIT 68-52.

“We were having some trouble in the first quarter, so we switched to a man defense, which worked really well. We got sloppy in a few streches, but we always regained composure,” our long-time basketball player and JCU professor Khaison Duong commented.

The beginning of the game was particularly tough for JCU who was finding some difficulty in understanding the game. However, our Gladiators were still able to gain the upper hand and won the first quarter by one point, 16-15.

The rest of the game was all uphill for JCU who set a different pace that the opponents weren’t able to keep up.

“I think what won it for us was our defence and ability to remain focused,” Khaison added.

Then he continued, “Luke had a hell of a game out scoring the entire other team by himself 16-10 in the last quarter. He had like 5 consecutive steals which basically iced the game.”

Despite our team is mostly composed of new students, they have already proved to be an extremely talented and cohesive team, understanding and supporting each other during the game.

Congrats, Gladiators! We are really proud of you! Keep it up!

And special thanks go to Khaison Duong and his multi-tasking role as a player, Captain, and coach assistant. So thank you for always being there for the team, encouraging and helping our student-athletes.

MVPLuke Morrisroe

JCU vs NORD SPORT 19 | February, 14 | 9:30 pm | Virgilio