A Challenging Game Night for the Gladiators Soccer Teams

Last night at Trastevere Stadium, all three of our Gladiators soccer teams played very difficult games in the pouring rain as the women’s, men’s and futsal teams each faced their own challenges.

The men’s team started their game off well playing against Erasmus, but early on JCU received a red card and the players were then 10 against 11.. Although they kept playing hard and were able to score a goal, Erasmus took the lead.

The men’s 5v5 futsal team also came across adversity as this was their first official game.  Weather conditions made the game less than ideal! Although the American University of Rome ended up taking the lead, the team played exceptionally well together and were able to score 2 goals.

The women’s team not only won their game, but won by a landslide as they played together powerfully against Link Campus and dominated, with the end score being 9-2!! Congratulations Lady Gladiators!


Regardless of the end scores or the less than perfect weather conditions, our Gladiators soccer teams played extremely hard under the circumstances and will be back next week, with the women’s team playing an away game on Monday against Cattolica and the men’s team playing against Luiss at Trastevere Stadium!!


#GoGladiators #JCUPride !


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