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A short but intense week for our Gladiators

Welcome to this week’s blog update on our Gladiators! With the Thanksgiving festivities shortening the week, our team faced a packed schedule of thrilling games crammed into three action-packed days. Join us as we recap the thrilling moments and highlights from the games of our varsity teams!

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Gladiators Triumph in Volleyball Opener and Soccer Showdowns

Finally, the season has kicked off for our Volleyball Gladiators, coached by Livia Di Vincenzo, and the start couldn’t have been better! Our team secured an impressive 2-1 victory against the Link Erasmus, a squad typically considered a title favorite.

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Exciting Start to the Gladiator’s Season: Derby Wins and Pep Rally Day

The Gladiators had an electrifying start to the season during the week of October 23rd as they kicked off their competitive games with a bang. The first day of the championship was highly anticipated, featuring three thrilling derbies against the American University of Rome. Our Gladiators managed to secure victories in two of the three matches and even claimed a draw in the third.

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Historic Victory for Our Gladiators!

It has been an eventful week for the Gladiators, with four out of six teams participating in matches. The week started on a rough note for the men’s 5vs5 soccer team under coach Franceschi, who played a tough game but couldn’t overcome the Cattolica University, the actual leader of the ranking. However, Wednesday was the day that will go down in history for the fantastic result that the men’s soccer team, under coach Marian, achieved in an away game against Sapienza. They won by a stunning 7-1, the biggest victory in the 16-year history of the Gladiators.

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