Soccer 5 vs 5: Gladiators and Lady Gladiators Just Unstoppable!

Last night was an epic night for our Soccer 5 vs 5 teams in the Universities of Rome Championship. Both our Gladiators and Lady Gladiators conquered, indeed, two great victories, and we can’t be more pride.


Let’s start off with our Gladiators who, for the first time in history, were able to win a very difficult match against Foro Italico, the annual winning team of the championship since 2015.

An unexpected victory that fully showed JCU players’ improvement and determination to reach for the top. Our Gladiators did not pull back for one second during the game and smartly took advantage of UFI’s lack of focus to score and win.

“I have to congratulate with all of my team players,” coach Manuel Franceschi said. “They all did an amazing job against a very competitive team.” Then, he continued, “Each component of the team played a fundamental part in the game, and despite the game started with the opposing team scoring the first two goals, our Gladiators didn’t give up. Particularly, it was Serafino’s first goal that helped shift the ground. His goal gave confidence to the entire team, which kept scoring and ended the game with an important win of 5-3.”

Congratulations, Gladiators! We are really proud of you! Last night, you accomplished something great. May this be the first of many other amazing victories!

Special congratulations, as well, to the Captain of the team Marco Fortuna for his usual excellent performance, Keivan Mollaian for his ability to always and positively shake the team with his pieces of plays, Fernando Royuela for scoring the last two points, and congrats to the MVP of the game Serafino Pinna Vodret who restored the fate of the match and the entire team thanks to his goal.


It was also a night of celebration for our Lady Gladiators who completely crushed the opposing team, winning 13-1. Indeed, there was nothing to do for the girls of Progetto Fiumicino Calcio a 5 who had to immediately surrender to the technical and tactical superiority of our ladies.

“It was a quite easy game for our team,” coach Paolo Farina said. “The game was immediately off like a shot. JCU was already winning 4-0 after the first 10 minutes and ended the first half 7-0.”

In the second half, Lady Gladiators began again with the same heat and determination and led the game until the end.

Congratulations, Lady Gladiators! And congratulations to Sarah Castellano for having received the MVP recognition.

Next soccer big match-appointments are on Wednesday, March 14th:
Women’s Soocer: JCU vs UFI at 9:00 pm (Trastevere Stadium)
Men’s Soccer: JCU vs UFI at 9:15 pm (Trastevere Stadium)