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Historic Victory for Our Gladiators!

It has been an eventful week for the Gladiators, with four out of six teams participating in matches. The week started on a rough note for the men’s 5vs5 soccer team under coach Franceschi, who played a tough game but couldn’t overcome the Cattolica University, the actual leader of the ranking. However, Wednesday was the day that will go down in history for the fantastic result that the men’s soccer team, under coach Marian, achieved in an away game against Sapienza. They won by a stunning 7-1, the biggest victory in the 16-year history of the Gladiators.

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“Go Gladiators, let’s Go!”

After presenting the new rosters for the soccer, volleyball, and basketball teams, it is finally time to announce the members of the first and incomparable cheerleading squad of the universities in Rome. The already cohesive group from last semester has been enriched with new members and is intensively preparing, with three weekly practices, for the first performance of 2023, which will be announced shortly.

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JCU Gladiators’ Exciting Week in the Rome University Championships

Last week was an exciting one for JCU Gladiators as almost all of our teams participated in the Rome University Championships. For the first time in our history, our brand new tennis team also participated in the tournament, playing a tough match against Campus Biomedico and losing 3-0, but facing well-trained opponents. Our team is just starting out and Marco Iorio, our Athletics Coordinator, stated that “it was more important to start this new adventure than the result, our players will have time to train and grow”.

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Varsity Tryouts at JCU: A Great Turnout and More to Come!

John Cabot University Athletics is thrilled to announce that the varsity team tryouts for the upcoming semester have had a fantastic turnout so far! On the first days of tryouts, many students came out to participate and had a great time meeting their potential teammates who are already on the team from last semester.

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