JCU Athletics Crew on Pianeta Sport TV!

On Thursday, February 22nd, some our JCU Athletics staff members and players made their usual appearance on the Italian sports TV show, Pianeta Sport TV to discuss about the latest sports appointments in the Universities of Rome Championship.

Representing JCU Athletics during the show:
Marco Iorio, JCU Athletics Coordinator
Camilla Di Pietro, JCU Athletics Communications & Social Media Assistant
Manuel Franceschi, Men’s Futsal Coach
Riccardo Vallese, Captain of the Men’s Soccer team
Josè Pablo Ortega, Men’s Soccer team player and current leading goal scorer

Our representatives talked about the general performance of the teams with particular emphasis on JCU soccer teams and Men’s Futsal and Women’s Soccer teams’ respective derby victories against the American University of Rome.

Ricardo Vallese spoke about the current situation of the Men’s Soccer team, explaining that the team started the tournament on a very low key, but now they are working hard to improve both technically and tactically in order to move up the ranking little by little and be ready to face the play-off with a much more cohesive team.

A few words were also spent on the new prestigious location of the Tre Fontane Stadium that will host this year’s Soccer Finals on April 21st where we hope to qualify with all of our teams.

JCU is also one of the universities that competes in the Universities of Rome Championship with all the 5 sports disciplines represented, including Men’s Soccer 11 vs 11, Men’s Soccer 5 vs 5, Women’s Soccer 5 vs 5, Coed Volleyball, and Basketball.

If you missed the episode of Pianeta Sport TV on Rete Oro channel this past week, you can watch it entirely below: