JCU Men’s Soccer Team is the Half-Season Champion!

A remarkable and historical achievement for JCU Men’s Soccer team that earns the title of Half-Season Champion (Campioni d’Inverno!!), currently leading the ranking of the Universities of Rome Championship.

Eleven college teams participate in the tournament this year, making the victory climb even more challenging. For this reason, we are very proud of this first success of our team.

In this first part of the Season, JCU has already played one extra game compared to the other teams, and it’s leading the ranking with 15 points.

You can check the full standings below

Men’s Soccer Championship


We want to congratulate with our Gladiators because they have showed great character and athletics skills, fighting in every situation and overcome any challenge altogether as a TEAM.

Thanks for your dedication, commitment, and enthuasiam. It is true that hard work always pays off.

You have deserved some good rest for now! But make sure to come back even more determined to face all the new challenges that the second part of the Season will have in store for us!