JCU Soccer Teams Fall to Their Respective Rivals at URC Games

It was not the best night for all of our soccer teams, last night, that lost against their respective rivals in the Universities of Rome Championship.

Second game for JCU Men’s Soccer team that had to deal in an away game against a tough team such as LUISS. Unfortunately, JCU could not replicate last-week success against UER and suffered a quite heavy defeat, losing 3-0.

In the first half, JCU was down by 1-0. Even though our Gladiators had many opportunities to score and overturn the result, they were never able to finalize the goal-shooting action.

In the second half, JCU gave its best trying to tie the result. However, the rush to score punished our Gladiators who lost the right focus and gave the chance to LUISS to triple the advantage, taking the game to a final result of 3-0.

“This was a really bad game in every sense,” coach Concari pointed out. “We deserved to lose because we didn’t play well, but losing 3-0 is too much. I also made a few mistakes in some of my decision. I hope this defeat will help us get back with our feet on the ground because having an arrogant attitude won’t take us far.”

C’mon Gladiators! Don’t give up, keep working hard, and you will get your comeback in the next game!

MVPGiacomo Palattella

3° URC Game – JCU vs UFI | 9:00 pm | Trastevere Stadium

Debut game in the Universities of Rome Championship for JCU Women’s 5vs5 Soccer team who played the derby against The American University of Rome (AUR).

The game was balanced, and our Lady Gladiators gave a very good performance. However, AUR was able to score at the very last minute and took home the victory, 5-6.

The first half saw the two teams scoring back to back with AUR taking the lead but with JCU immediately reacting and gaining the advantage thanks to our captain Colagrossi‘s and our new entry Ramos Yetsko‘s goals. However, AUR was able to overturn the result again, ending the first half with a 2-3 advantage.

In the second half, both teams kept playing on equal terms, shooting and scoring. JCU closed the score gap thanks Colagrossi (1) and former captian Fantauzzi (2), taking the temporary result to a draw, 5-5. AUR, however, found the winning goal at the very last minute, winning the game 5-6.

“It was a very good and exciting game,” coach Farina commented. “We played well, and I finally had the entire team at my disposal to make changes in the line up and let the girls rest. We were down on the scoreboard for most of the time, but we always found the strenght and patience to tail our opponents. I firmly believe that we are on the right path, and we can make good things as a team!”

Good job, Ladies! You were very close to win the game!

MVPDiana Fantauzzi

2° URC Game – JCU vs LCU | 9:30 pm | Trastevere Stadium

Debut game also for JCU Men’s 5vs5 Soccer team who played against AUR, as well. Luck wasn’t really on our side on this game, and despite our Gladiators’ effort to score, the game ended with AUR victory, 3-6.

The first half of the game was quite balanced, and the two teams went back to the locker rooms on a temporary result of 1-1 thanks to Prosperi‘s goal, which allowed JCU to tie.

In the second half, the tension between the two teams rose a little. Due to some referee’s inattention and AUR doubtful actions, the opponents were able to increase the score gap. Despite JCU captain Palazzi‘s double, there was nothing do to for our Gladiators who still fought until the end of the game.

“Regardless of the result, we played an excellent game,” coach Franceschi commented. “We still miss the cleverness in front of the opponents’ goal that can help us score, but overall, we improved on many aspects both on a technical and teamwork level. It’s a pity that we suffered a few unlucky goals, and some unfair attitude from the opposing team distrupts a little bit the harmony of the game.”

It was a tough game, Gladiators, but you still showed good determination and commitment! So keep working hard, and you’ll get what you deserve!

MVPEdoardo Prosperi

2° URC Game – UFI vs JCU | 9:00 pm | Via delle Fornaci di Tor di Quinto, 64