JCU Earns a 3-0 Sweep Over AUR at Friendly Game

A good performance and a positive result for JCU Coed Volleyball team who played a friendly game against The American Universities of Rome (AUR) last night.

Our Gladiators conquered a solid 3-0 win on the opponents’ home turf, showing good technique and character, especially in the last set.

In the first set, JCU didn’t start off really strong and fought a little harder to win the set, which still ended 22-25.

Similarly, the second set saw JCU prevailing over AUR, 19-25. This time, our Gladiators were able to win by a bigger score gap. However, they still committed those extra mistakes that gave the chance to the opposing team to score.

“Despite the positive results of the first two sets, we committed too many mistakes,” coach Papari pointed out. “All the points that AUR scored were due to our faults. This time, we still managed to win the game, but giving all these points to the opponents can make the difference between winning or losing.”

In the third set, JCU entered back the game more focused, playing a better volleyball, also thank to coach Papari‘s words during the break. Our Gladiators showed significant improvements compared to the previous sets and won 17-25.

“I hope this game can mark a turning point in the team,” Papari concluded. “I’m faithful about what this team can do when the Season starts.”

Congratulations for the victory, Gladiators! Now keep working hard and you’ll become unstoppable!

MVPDavid Axtell