JCU Men’s Basketball Brings Down BKP at First UISP Homegame, 75-59

Another good news came, last night, from our hometurf at Petriana where JCU Men’s Basketball team was in action in their first game of the UISP tournament against Basket Primavalle (BKP).

It was an intense game for JCU who played against a team composed of expert and competitive players. However, our Gladiators didn’t feel intimidated for a second and were able to show their best skills out on the court, taking home a significant victory, 75-59.

The game opened up immediately with a successful three-point shot by Denham and several dunks realized by Ravipati and Sussman. Despite BKP strategy to get fouled in their favor, JCU still managed to take home the first quarter, winning 18-15.

In the second quarter, Giordano and Samaha entered the game, making it more dynamic thanks to their excellent defensive skills. JCU shooters Sussman and Denham kept scoring from the distance while Fattore was always reliable in the counterattack and offesive actions. JCU closed the quarter with a clear advantage over the opposing team, winning 39-26.

In the third quarter, the rhythm and tone of the game changed drastically with more inattention from JCU defensive side and more aggression from the opponents. At the end of the third quarter, the result was still in favor of our Gladiators, 55-38. BKP attempted in many ways to close the score gap, but there was nothing to do for the visitors. The game ended with a substantial advantage from JCU that won the game, 75-59, also thanks to the score realized by Fattore, Giordano, and Sulpizi and Tricarico‘s and Roux‘ defensive contribution.

MVPFrancesco Giordano

Congratulations, Gladiators! We are proud of you!