JCU Men’s Basketball Brings Down Pamphili Ballers at Friendly Game, 81-47

An incredible friendly game for our JCU Men’s Basketball team against Pamhili Ballers last night. Our Gladiators earned a significant victory with excellent plays and teamwork spirit.

The first few minutes of the game saw a head-to-head showdown, but JCU proved to have more character and took control of the game, winning the first quarter. Our Gladiators cleverly moved the ball around, exploiting the rebounds well on the offensive side thanks to Axtell. In the first quarter, Denham also stood out thanks to his vision of the game together with Giudici who gave an enourmous contribution in defense. In the last few minutes, Sulpizi and Fattore entered the court, increasing the intensity of the game with diagonal actions and penetration towards the basket. Lacerda also centered a number of long-range shots.

In the second quarter, the opponents began to increase the rhythm on the defensive side, pressing more our Gladiators who were still able to respond well. In particular, JCU player Sussman seemed unstoppable and began to sink a series of three-point shots, which led JCU to domintae the second quarter with a partial result of 31-18. Towards the end of quarter, however, Giudici injured his knee due to a remarkable penetration on the offensive side. Giudici left the field among round of applause thanks to his important contribution in the game.

The third quarter saw Sussman again as the top scorer thanks to his brilliant three-point shots. Denham, Sulpizi, and Samaha also contributed to increase the advantage, closing the third quarter 54-39.

In the fourth quarter, significant contribution also came from Ravipati who was more focused and collaborative compared to the previous games. The final buzz closed the game on the final result of 81-47.

“We gave an outastanding performance against a team that was clearly undertone but still dangerous in those pressing actions on defense,” coach Serraino commented.

Congratulations, Gladiators! We are proud of each one of you!

MVPMax Sussman (Top Scorer of the game)