Men’s 5vs5 Soccer Friendly Game is a Goal Feast

Last night, JCU Men’s 5vs5 Soccer team played a second test-match against Polo Didattico Bambin Gesù (PDG), one of the teams who also participates in the Universities of Rome Championships.

The two teams competed fairly and on similar terms on the field, putting on a very balanced game with many goals from both sides. The game ultimately ended in a draw, 6-6.

In the first half, JCU immediately took control of the game scoring two goals thanks to Aboushwesha and Perrotta. The second half resumed on a 2-0 temporary result for our Gladiators. However, JCU advantage didn’t last long, and PDG tied the result with two other goals.

The draw didn’t scare our Gladiators who immediately reacted strongly, taking back the game with the goals realized by Javadian, Prosperi, and Vigilante. PDG, on the other side, didn’t want to surrender and fought hard to try and overturn the result and score again. However, JCU was able to keep the advantage thanks to another goal by our forward Palazzi until the extra time where PDG found the equalizing goal, which closed the match on 6-6 tie.

“We had a good game, last night,” coach Franceschi commented. “All of the players already made significant improvements compared to our previous game. We definitely need work harder on different aspects, but I’m happy about the team because they are very committed.”

Then Franceschi continued, “The team is also starting to get closer, and they can help each other well even in some difficult situations during the game. They all played well, but in particular, Andrea Palazzi gave an excellent performance and acted as a real leader.”

Good job, Gladiators! Keep it up with the good work!

MVP – Andrea Palazzi