JCU Men’s Basketball Falls to Petriana in Last-Night Friendly Game

Tough game for JCU Men’s Basketball team last night against Petriana Basket (PB). This time, our Gladiators can’t replicate last-week excellent performance and lose 58-47 [17-9; 38-19; 48-34; 58-47] on the opponents’ home turf.

Since the very first minutes, JCU starts to suffers the high humidity and the new slippery court of Petriana, which makes hard to sprint and quickly change the direction especially on the offesive side.

Other than that, in the first two quarters, our Gladiators don’t find the perfect synchronicity. Their attempts at shooting from the perimeter often fail, and they are not able to put into place a cooperative game. The first two quarters see JCU down 19 points to PB.

However, in the remaining two quarters, JCU finds back the right energy and reacts, especially thanks to the valuable cotribution of Edoardo Giudici, Marco Fattore, and Adrian Roux. These players represent a valid and solid trio who are able to carry out efficient and decisive solutions, which helps JCU close the score gap, ending the game 58-47.

In the third and fourth quarters, the contribution of Mark Samaha, Alessandro Sulpizi, Anthony Tricarico, and Gregory Willis are also very important to the team.

“Petriana Basket is clearly a well-prepared team with an organized offensive side and skillful shooters,” Coach Serraino observed. “This was a tough test for us, but in the end, we tried to give our best despite the obvious initial difficulties.”

Then Serraino continues, “We definitely need to work better on having a more cohesive offense and on entering the game with more determination since the first minutes. Even though all of JCU players have excellent skills, they need to learn to focus more on the teamwork instead of showing off their individual abilities.”

MVPMarco Fattore, the all-around man of the game who plays both on the offensive and defensive sides with an outstanding performance.

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