John Cabot University – Men’s Soccer






The male soccer tournament is the oldest among all the Roman University tournaments; in fact, it started in 2005. In 2004, John Cabot University together with Link Campus, Roma Tre and AUR decided to start a friendly four-way competition, which turned into a proper tournament the next year. Since that day, more and more universities were invited to participate and John Cabot University has been part of the growth of this competition in every discipline. Although JCU has never won the first place for male soccer so far, our gladiators have always represented a rival to be feared. In 2007/2008, the JCU soccer team made the semifinal and, almost every year, our team takes part into the play offs and play outs of the tournament. Our goalkeeper, Alfredo Verrina, was ranked the second best goalkeeper for the year 2015/2016. In 2014, Sergio Romano, the Gladiators’ captain for that year, was given the fair play award.


Below you can find the record year by year of the first place winners

2005-2006 →LUISS

2006-2007 →F. ITALICO

2007-2008 →LUISS

2008-2009 →CATTOLICA

2009-2010 →ERASMUS ESN

2010-2011 →ERASMUS ESN

2011-2012 →F. ITALICO

2012-2013 →F. ITALICO

2013-2014 →F. ITALICO

2014-2015 →LUISS

2015-2016 →F. ITALICO

2016-2017 →LINK CAMPUS

The yearly tournament typically consists of 10 universities and is a mixture of public and private universities that competes every year from mid-Fall semester to the end of spring semester.  The games are disputed on practice days once every one or two weeks.



Roster 2016-2017: click here


Men's Soccer Championship
2017 - 2018
Trastevere Stadium

Coach Riccardo Concari

ita Italy
Current Team

Coach Ion Marian

mda Moldova
Current Team


#PlayerClubPositionGoalsYellow CardsRed Cards
turKaan KilicJCUDefender000
venIgnacio MorenoJCUDefender000
2itaMarco MicarelliJCUDefender000
3lbyAbdulmagid AboushweshaJCUDefender000
4usaJack JordanJCUDefender000
5itaGiacomo PalatellaJCUDefender000
13usaMurphy McMahonJCUDefender000
14usaAndrew RingelJCUDefender000
23itaGuglielmo DonniniJCUDefender000
27ausChristophe LuJCUDefender000
31itaRiccardo ValleseJCUDefender000


#PlayerClubPositionGoalsYellow CardsRed Cards
Adil KaizullaJCUGoalkeeper000
1usaIan LituchyJCUGoalkeeper000
12usaSamuel FarmerJCUGoalkeeper000


#PlayerClubPositionGoalsYellow CardsRed Cards
irqSajjad AsadullahJCUMidfielder000
6itaAdriano LandiJCUMidfielder000
7autLukas LoishackerJCUMidfielder100
8mexFrancisco OrtegaJCUMidfielder000
19mexDiego Garza GonzalezJCUMidfielder000
20guaHans Kevin Andre VasquezJCUMidfielder000
21usaOmar GhafourJCUMidfielder201
34usaGentian LimaniJCUMidfielder000
36espFernando RoyuelaJCUMidfielder000


#PlayerClubPositionGoalsYellow CardsRed Cards
9egyOmar IssaJCUForward000
10mexJosé Pablo OrtegaJCUForward300
11englbyMohamed HaddadJCUForward100
17itaNicholas LongyJCUForward000
18marAhmed AkhannouchJCUForward000
24usaSamuel BordleyJCUForward000

Men’s Soccer Championship



9:00 pm

Pre-season match: JCU vs LAS 5-0

9:00 pm

Pre-season match: JCU vs. UER 2-1

9:15 pm

5^(Anticipo) Men's Soccer - JCU vs. UER: 1-0

9:15 pm

1^ Men's Soccer - JCU vs. EIC: 1-5

9:15 pm

2^ Men's Soccer JCU vs. LUI: 2-2

9:15 pm

4^ Men's Soccer - JCU vs LCU: 2-5

9:15 pm

8^ Men's Soccer: ESN vs. JCU: 1-2

9:00 pm

11^ Men's Soccer: LUI vs. JCU: 0-0

9:00 pm

13^ Men's Soccer: LCU vs. JCU: 4-0

9:00 pm

14^ Men's Soccer: UER vs. JCU: 2-3

9:00 pm

15^ Men's Soccer: CSC vs. JCU: 4-2

9:00 pm

3^ Men's Soccer - UFI vs. JCU: 8-0

9:00 pm

9^ Men's Soccer: UPL vs. JCU: 1-1

2:16 pm


2:20 pm

6^ MEN'S SOCCER: JCU vs. CSC: 2-0

9:15 pm

18^ Men's Soccer: JCU vs. UPL: 0-1

9:15 pm

10^ MEN’S SOCCER: JCU vs. EIC: 2-2

9:15 pm

17^ MEN’S SOCCER: ESN vs. JCU: 1-1

8:54 pm

12^ Men's Soccer JCU vs UFI: 0-2

9:00 pm

18^ Men's Soccer: EIC vs. JCU: 4-1

9:15 pm

Esn Erasmus United vs John Cabot University: 3-0

9:00 pm


9:00 pm

Men's Soccer Preseason - JCU vs UER: 6-2

9:15 pm

1^ Men's Soccer: JCU vs. LCU: 1-4

9:15 pm

2^ Men's Soccer: EIC vs. JCU: 1-1

9:15 pm

3^ Men's Soccer - JCU vs. LUI: 1-4

9:15 pm

4^ Men's Soccer: JCU vs. ESN: 0-1

9:00 pm

5^ Men's Soccer - UFI vs. JCU: 1-0

9:00 pm

6^ Men's Soccer - LCU vs. JCU: 4-1

9:00 pm

7^ Men's Soccer - JCU vs. EIC: 4-4

9:00 pm

8^ Men's Soccer: LUI vs. JCU: 3-1

9:15 pm

10^ Men's Soccer: JCU vs UFI

9:15 pm

Quarter Final (direct) Men's Soccer: EIC (4° placed) vs. JCU (5° placed)