Hall of Fame

Sports Award
The Sports Award is given to those students who have made an outstanding contribution to JCU Sports and Recreation. It is awarded to students who have exceeded in all areas of athletics: administration work, volunteering, practicing sports as well as demonstrating commitment and sportsmanship at all times.

Lucio D’Alessandro – 2016

Lucio D’Alessandro is a guy with a pleasant smile, genial and sometimes also a bit crazy! He worked hard for the Athletics department but, despite the excellent graphics and social media skills he learned at JCU, his most important values are his positive attitude and spirit. He brought many ideas and developed many project, from the Hip-Hop classes to the Flash Mobs of the student life parties, from being the 2015′ Volleyball MVP to being the Athletics Social Media coordinator.

Davide Menci – 2015

Davide Menci
Davide Menci has been a member of the “Dream Team” which won John Cabot’s first ever sports championship. Not only was he a champion on the field, but also in the office. For years, Davide was a key member in orientation and during the semesters, involving both degree-seeking and study-abroad students in all offered activities and programs. Thanks to his marketing studies, he also helped us revolutionize the departmental communication. He truly embodies the Gladiator Spirit!

Fares Moussa – 2014

Fares Moussa
Fares, a Lebanese national Muay Thai champion, was an influential member of John Cabot community. During his time at JCU, Fares participated in many sports and worked hard for the Athletics Department. Fares also founded the “JCU Martial Arts Club”, which won several competitions in Italy.

Victoria Di Castro Horn – 2014

Victoria Di Castro Horn
All around athlete, Victoria is a regional Hammer Throw champion. In 2013 and 2014, Victoria ranked in the top 10 for hammer throwing, making it to Nationals both years. Victoria was also a member of the Lady Gladiators Soccer Team, and worked at the JCU Athletics Department for four years.

Luke Norian – 2013

Victoria Di Castro Horn
Luke Norian of the class of 2013 actively participated in the activities offered in the athletics department. Not only was he a participant, but he also taught courses and conducted the running club as well. Luke’s presence has become a reference for all in creating a stimulating environment in the John Cabot community.


Since 2013, the Athletics Department of John Cabot University has honored the best player of each team with an award called Player of the Year.

Players of the Year – 2015/2016

roberta_falvo Maria Martynovych
Roberta Falvo
Class of 2016 International Affairs Major – Volleyball
Maria Martynovych
Degree-Seeking Student:
Business Administration Major
Class of 2017 – Women’s Soccer
alessandro_mazzarisi matteo_nertempi
Alessandro Mazzarisi
Class of 2016 Administration Major – Basketball
Matteo Nertempi
Class of 2016 Business Administration Major
Men’s Soccer
sara ruiz dido_haddad
Sara Ruiz
Study abroad student (Spring 2016)
University of Hawai’i – Cheerleading
Mohamed Haddad
Degree Seeking Student: Business Administration Major
Class of 2018 – Men’s Futsal
Players of the Year – 2014/2015
Lucio D'Alessandro Maria Martynovic
Lucio D’Alessandro
Degree-Seeking Student: Business Administration Major
Class of 2016 – Volleyball
Maria Martynovic
Degree-Seeking Student: Business Administration Major
Class of 2017 – Women’s Soccer
Mattia Matteucci Sergio Romano
Mattia Matteucci
Degree-Seeking Student: Business Administration Major
Class of 2016 – Basketball
Sergio Romano
Degree-Seeking Student: Business Administration Major
Class of 2016 – Men’s Soccer
Players of the Year – 2013/2014
Nicolas Kessler Stefani Scaletti
Nicolas Cash Kessler
Degree Seeking Student – Business Administration Major
Stefani Scaletti
Class of 2013 – International Affairs Major
Women’s Soccer
Cesare Cacciapuoti Alexander Clemetson

Cesare Cacciapuoti
Class of 2013 – Economics and Finance Major
Men’s Soccer

Alexander Clemetson
Study Abroad Student (Spring 2014) – Saint Norber College